Suits - The full set

Complete set of 8 suits.
Plexiglass sculptures with cut out of heart shape, ink printing.
Each one: 18,5 x 3 x 26,3 cm


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Titles of works: Grey Suit - Stop, Orange Suit - Question, Turquoise Suit - Think, Yellow Suit - Feel, Purple Suit - Love, Blue Suit - Hug me, Red Suit - Love me, Mint Suit - Kiss me.
Collection: Hearts & Suits
Artist: Brigitte Polemis
Medium: Plexiglass sculpture with cut out of heart shape, ink printing.
Dimensions (each one): 18,5 x 3 x 26,3 cm
Signature: Imprinted signature of the artist lower right. Edition of 150. This is part of a limited edition set.
Certificate of authenticity: This work includes certificate of authenticity with imprinted signature of the artist.
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About the Artist

Brigitte Polemis

Brigitte's work is caught between the disciplines of photography, printing, design and sculpture. Her work is defined by her minimal aesthetics of colour, line and form. Herchoice of Perspex as her media, the use of technologies and her attention to high production values, gives her artwork a very contemporary feel. in addition, the use of the multiple motif and lined backgrounds ads elements of surreal, optical and pop art, that in her work find a new unique expression.

Brigitte Polemis is represented by Mamush Gallery from June 2016.