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Our Services

We are happy to offer our services whether you are looking for advice to tranform your space with art or for a custom art installation or for a unique, personalised gift.

Art Proposals | Installations | Custom Solutions

Study for your place

Each space requires different installation proposals. We carefully study your home, office, and yacht and propose the perfect artwork for you. We collaborate with artists and other art professionals to offer custom-made installations to fit any space.

From paintings to sculptures to commissioned art pieces, sized prints, or unique textures/materials we cater to your unique needs.

You can send us some photographs of your walls, we will study them and provide you with our proposals or reach out to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

Custom Requests

Custom-made solutions are the ultimate trend!

Ranging from Installation options, personalised requests, made - to - measure prints, we aim to provide creative solutions and give you ideas and options on how to create everlasting memories for you and your loved ones.

Personalised Gifts

Create an everlasting memory, make an ‘art note’ of a special occasion, and cherish it forever.
Is it an initial? A name? A special date? Creatively added text and symbols on prints turn multiple edition art pieces into unique memorabilia for you and your loved ones.

Gallery Space for


Make your PR or Corporate event more special. Elevate a private event.
Mamush Gallery is the perfect venue to host your events surrounded by art.