Olive Tree H17

Bronze sculpture.
H: 17 cm.
Available only by pre-order. Minimum quantity: 20 pieces.
Waiting time for shipment: 10 - 15 days.

Title of work: Olive Tree
Year: 2021
Artist: Aggelos Panagiotidis
Medium: Bronze and coper.
Dimensions: Height: 17 cm.
Signature: Engraved signed by the artist on the base.
Certificate of authenticity: This work includes certificate of authenticity hand signed by the artist.
Giftbox packaging option: Available at checkout.
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About the Artist

Aggelos Panagiotidis

Aggelos Panagiotidis was born in Amphilochia in 1950. He was experimenting with all the different metals before he held his first show at his studio in 1990. He had also dedicated much study to the natural world, particularly the structure and forms of trees, throughout all various stages of their lives and the various changes they undergo at different times and in different seasons. His profound knowledge of his materials, acquired over these many years of study, led him to create tree sculptures that hardly seem made by the human hand.