Nude (Aquatint)

Art Print. Aquatint printed in colors.
Dimensions: 77,6 x 70,6 cm. Framed 120,5 x 115,5 cm.


Title of work: Nude (Aquatint).
Year: 1980
Artist: Tom Wesselmann
Medium: Art Print. Aquatint printed in colors.
Dimensions:  77,6 x 70,6 cm | Framed 120,5 x 115,5 cm.
Edition: AP 11/25. Οne of 25 artist's proofs, aside from the numbered edition of 100. Published by Abbeville Press, with full margins.
Giftbox packaging option: Unavailable.
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About the Artist

Tom Wesselmann

Tom Wesselmannwas born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on February 23, 1931. He attended Hiram College in Ohio from 1949 to 1951 before entering the University of Cincinnati. In 1953 his studies were interrupted by a two-year enlistment in the army, during which time he began drawing cartoons. He returned to the university in 1954 and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1956; during this time he decided to pursue a career in cartooning and so enrolled at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. After graduation he moved to New York City, where he was accepted into the Cooper Union and where his focus shifted dramatically to fine art; he received his diploma in 1959.