Lunch Break

Layered Plexiglass, Ink Print on multiple layers of Plexiglass, framed in plexiglass box.
Dimensions: 134 x 7,7 x 41,4 cm.

Experience "Lunch Break," where everyday scenes transform into captivating art, contrasting blue-collar and white-collar worlds, inviting contemplation on life's challenges through enigmatic figures in suits.


Title of work: Lunch Break
Collection: Just a Number II
Artist: Brigitte Polemis
Medium: 3D Artwork. Ink Print on multiple layers of Perspex, framed in perspex box.
Dimensions: 134 x 7,7 x 41,4 cm.
Limited Edition 7
Certificate of authenticity: This work includes certificate of authenticity hand signed by the artist.
Giftbox packaging option: Not available.

Enjoy "Lunch Break," where the artist skilfully transforms everyday scenes into thought-provoking art. This captivating piece presents a clever twist on the conventional lunch break, juxtaposing blue-collar workers perched precariously on a beam with white-collar counterparts seated on a springboard by a pool's edge. The scene invites us to contemplate the different risks and reflections faced by these individuals in their respective worlds. Let's discover the delicate balance between everyday routines and the contemplation of life's intricacies, all depicted through faceless figures in suits.

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About the Artist

Brigitte Polemis

Brigitte's work is caught between the disciplines of photography, printing, design, and sculpture. Her work is defined by her minimal aesthetics of color, line, and form. Her choice of Perspex as her media, the use of technologies, and her attention to high production values give her artwork a very contemporary feel. in addition, the use of the multiple motifs and lined backgrounds add elements of surreal, optical, and pop art, that in her work find a new unique expression.